The St. Esprit Lake, which our visitors look upon every day, offers you the opportunity to spend some of holiday swimming and engaging in various water sports . Water sports are particularly favoured by the immense size of the lake ( 1.560.000 m²) and the very warm water temperatures. The lake is almost all of the time available for sole use, contributing to the privacy of each of our guests.

Where else in the world does a resort offer such privacy?

Summer temperatures, where temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius are not uncommon, are often accompanied by a pleasant sea breeze, which entices our guests time and time again to a wonderful sunbathing experience.

In this balanced mix of pleasant warm days and fresh, slightly salty air, all activities can be enjoyed to the fullest. Relearn the things that man has forgotten about nature such as fresh air, being aware of the peace and nature around you, raising your senses, and filling up on valuable life energy. We are happy that our children have the opportunity to grow up in an environment like this every day.

St. Esprit Lake is situated directly on the Atlantic (see photo on bottom right). The best way to explore the Atlantic beaches is to travel directly from our beach on the lake to the Atlantic Beach by canoe or kayak.