Our Leisure Activities

We provide kayaks, a fishingboat, rowboat and canoe free of charge.
For a fee, one can play paintball, go wakeboarding, tubing, experience archery or even enjoy a ride on the back of a jetski on crystal clear water.

More exciting activities are that are possible include the following below:

Various tours and relaxing walks in the unique and endless nature surrounding your log cottage

Walk to one of the dreamy sandy beaches near us or use our mountain bikes for a more rewarding experience!

Hike to the Taylor’s Brook, with subsequent relaxation in our waterfall Cascades

Animal excursions are possible on our site (wildlife viewing are season dependent)

You have the opportunity to see the most unique type of cattle called Highland cattle. These cattle, with their shaggy long hair and long horns are beautiful and peaceful animals that can be hand fed

Archery (enjoy the adventure of precision, concentration and fun)

Observation of white-tailed deer, coyotes, white bald eagles, Chipmunks/ Squirrels & hummingbirds in close proximity are possible

Observation of whales, porpoises and dolphins in the various bays of Cape Breton

Sightseeing tours to the Two Rivers Wildlife Park, Fort Louisburg and many other attractions

Kayak and canoe trips on the St. ESPRIT Lake and Morrison River

Motorboat & Jet-Ski tours St. ESPRIT Beach

Skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing on the well-known Ben Eoin Ski Hill

Ice fishing on surrounding lakes and at St. ESPRIT Lake

Snowshoeing and snowmobile tours during the winter

Mushroom hunting (let yourself be surprised by the amount!)

Deep sea fishing for bluefin tuna and shark

Fishing on the St. Esprit Lake and Taylor’s Brook St for trout, perch and eels

Camp adventures on one of our islands with lots of fun and plenty of fresh food!

Campfires/ BBQ on our treasure island

Scenic flights of Cape Breton

Bicycle tours to St. Esprit Beach or various other areas

Excursions to a horse ranch in L ‘Ardoise

Swimming in the St. Esprit Lake and the Atlantic Ocean or enjoy the ride of the current that carries you from the St. Esprit Lake into the ocean!

All of the above activities can be led at the request of licensed Nova Scotia guide!

Enjoy your valuable leisure time in fresh air and in our clean waters. We assure you that when your return back home is near, it is emotionally difficult to leave St. Esprit. We are already pleased to offer you a unique holiday at a real holiday destination for family and children, in the unspoiled nature of Canada.