Probably one of the largest natural phenomena’s is Indian Summer during the autumn season. The colours, which are wondefully layed out across the countryside are simply breathtaking! A fantastic array of colored leaves, paired with a very pleasant and warm temperature, are worth alone a visit to our Atlantic province.

When people think about Canada they will more than likely begin to dream. Images of endless space, unforgettable nature, crystal clear lakes and rivers, varied wildlife and adventure are some of the many aspects that come to mind.

A part of Canada, which combines all these things, is known as the province of Nova Scotia, which is where we have settled. Cool or even cold temperatures in the summer are not common here thanks to a latitude of 43-45 degrees in which Nova Scotia is situated. The sea which is a constant companion, is never more than 35km away, regardless of where you are.

Nova Scotia’s coastline extends over a total distance of 7500 km and is interrupted only by idyllic fishing villages, sandy beaches and beautiful cliffs. Nova Scotia’s rich history stems from one of the many historic sites found on Cape Breton. From the French Fortress Louisburg which was colonized in the 16th century all the way to Alexander Graham Bell (the inventor of the telephone who spent much of his life in Nova Scotia) are some of the few historic memoirs of Nova Scotia history. Mr. Bell was also recognized for his famous saying-

“I have traveled around the globe.I have seen the Canadian und American Rockies, the Andes and the Alps and the Highland of Scotland; but for simple beauty, Cape Breton outrivals them all.”

At the Bell Museum in Baddeck, which was named after him, you feel as if you are traveling back in time to experience his life. So join us on one of the most beautiful and interesting areas of Canada, which is now connected to Nova Scotia’s mainland, on the Island of Cape Breton.

Amidst this scenic beauty and attractiveness, our vacation homes are located on a huge peninsula that are in accordance with our lake and the beautiful nature in which we live, hence the name “St. Esprit Lake Wilderness Holiday”. You will find kindness and hospitality not only with us, but throughout Nova Scotia. Always be prepared to be received with open arms.