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Directions for our guests:
Getting to St. Peters should not be a problem. In St. Peter’s you should reach a canal bridge when driving straight through town. It is approximately 0.9 km after the canal bridge until you turn right towards L’ardoise. From this point onwards, it should be another 12.5 km to the junction where you must make a left so you can get to Grand River. From this left turn, drive 8.8 km until you reach the big bridge in Grand River, turn right onto the large bridge and cross it in the direction of Frambiose. From this bridge, it should be around 15.3 km until you reach our driveway on the right hand side.

Directions for Groceries:
Right after the Halifax International Airport which is at exit 6, you must drive out at exit 8. The shopping opportunities can then be seen directly upon taking the exit.