What our guests say!

We were allowed to spend a week long holiday with you Dear Liane and Norbert, again this year. As always, the stay, the accommodation and the support was great. We are looking forward to next year! Kind Regards!

Rosi und Bernd, Neuwied

Simply just beautiful… the Vetter family belongs to the group people who make a vacation even more beautiful. The lodge is just perfect…

Steffen Harter, Hanau

For all you nature lovers, there is nothing better! The mixture of the landscape is great. The resort Invites anyone to come to rest or even for adventure, which is already worth the trip for Animal lovers who love wildlife. The people are friendly and helpful. The people here at St. Lake paradise have spirit in mind and I feel that there are real Angels around them. The Vetter Family who lovingly takes care their guests, makes everything so much more easy for the traveler. Since they wonderfully respond to each guest individually on their departure, it is hard to say goodbye. But what the heck- I am now infected by the Vetter Family’s and St. ESPRIT Lake’s Charm for the rest of my life! This means that a reunion is not excluded from my plans. In a kind way I would like to once again thank the Vetter Family for my beautiful hours at your resort. For me it is already clear- we will see each other again soon!

Christian Bock, Stuttgart

It was just a dream. This being our 5th trip to Canada, this was by far the most beautiful. You can take it from me, everyone should experience it. The Vetters are just plain awesome!
Their log cottages earn their four stars easily! We had never expected so much luxury in the wilderness. I would rather stay there forever! I could now write a romance novel about such a stay there but it must be seen for oneself.

Susann und Enrico Löwe, Dresden

The location and the resort is just wonderful. A stunning view from the accommodation to the offshore Bay of the Lake and the Atlantic. The rooms are well appointed and clean. Everything that is necessary is there. Your warmly welcomed once you get their and you get lots of tips and recommendations. To paddle towards the Atlantic with any one of the many readily available kayaks on the Lake is beautiful. I even observed some wildlife on my way over. I have come here every year for 3 years now and I’m always happy and look forward to next time.

Christian Räumelt, Ravensburg

Vetter’s resort is located right next to the St. Esprit Lake in breathtaking beauty; It is pure nature. It’s very hard to describe, you have to see it to know. The lodges are furnished with everything (and more), you need and offer enough comfort to enjoy a longer holiday. Their boats are readily available, allowing you to paddle across the St. Esprit lake to the sand bar that divides the Atlantic Ocean and the Lake. Here you can observe stars in ways that can only be imagined in a Planetarium; here it’s all stars no moving lights in the sky from man. In addition, one can observe white-tailed deer and bald eagles – animals that are rather rare for us. If there are questions, the Vetter’s are always glad to be of help and take care of their guests. Excellent tips are only a question away and things always move forward in a comfortable matter. Whoever cannot relax here, cannot relax anywhere else. If someone is looking for peace and nature, we can only warmly recommend this place them. Perhaps you can see what I mean…

Steffi und Uwe Weisensee, Eschweiler

We were here for the first time this year, but certainly not the last! I have pictures to prove it. Great Accommodation and rest at its best. Various activities are available, depending on what your heart desires. Relaxing, hiking, water sports, exploring the culture and history here…, what more could you want. Short and to the point: Very recommended! Including a super host!!

Dagmar und Jürgen Grünwald